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In 2010, the Creative Paris project was louched by the ADCEP : Association for the Development of Creation Studies and Projects and was supported by the City of Paris . The ADCEP was associated with its European partners of Fête de la Musique , FUSIC (Barcelona) and Osservatorio (Rome) , to create the International Network for the Promotion of Creative Tourism (Creative Tourism Network ) .

Creative Tourism is one of the major components of the original and participatory tourism. Creative Paris allows tourists to enrich their stay by doing creative workshops or personal artistic experimentation , open to geeks, curious and  for young and not so young people.

Creative Paris comes in 8 categories which include more than 34000 creative workshops involving all fields of artistic creation. One way to discover Paris while promoting other area, expertise ,heritage...

Paris allows creative structures offering creative ways to improve the visibility of their workshops, have expertise and enjoy a participatory platform.


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